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ALPHA Less Lethal (ECHD)


Introduction and definitions


 Alpha Less Lethal  is an Electro Control Device (ECHD) designed to alter the behavior of nuisance wildlife, thus potentially saving the animal from destruction by wildlife management by potentially avoiding any future human interaction that could result in an animal attack.

 Alpha Less Lethal  is typically deployed by a single shotgun round at low velocity carrying the Alpha device much like a riffle slug or sabot round. Deployment can also be by bow, crossbow, air pressure devices or any means not to exceed safe velocities to avoid penetration.

 Alpha Less Lethal  round are only to be sold and used by recognized law enforcement or wildlife management agencies such as State Fish and Game or other professional animal control and management specialist.

 Alpha Less Lethal  should only be used by those agencies who have been properly trained by Alpha Master Instructors (AMI.)

 Alpha Less Lethal  is not to be sold or used by the general public.

Application: Behavior modification of nuisance wildlife using electronic means devices such as ECHD.

Specific subject: Nuisance wildlife that threatens human population by animal attack or property damage.

Example of nuisance wildlife: Bears who lose their fear of people are called “nuisance bears.” These are most often are subadult males - young bears who have just dispersed from their mothers and are still learning how to obtain food - and mothers with young cubs.

Other examples of nuisance wildlife: Mountain lions, coyotes, wolves and other wildlife known to bite, maim and even kill humans or pets.

Other clarification of method used: Hazing and aversive conditioning.

Classification of device for behavior modification: Electro Control Hazing Device (ECHD)

ECHD classification: Less Lethal device.

Less-Lethal weapon law and legal definition: Less-Lethal weapons are weapons or any devices that are intended to be less likely to kill a living target than are traditional weapons such as firearms.

Other hazing and aversive conditioning methods: Rubber bullets used as blunt force, mace, teargas, traps, other chemicals known to irritate, distraction such as high sound devices and even other animals such as trained dogs.

ALPHA Less Lethal (ECHD)


Devoice assembly

Alpha round is typically machined or injection molded ABS or nylon for the outer casing known as a slug or sabot bullet.

 All electronics controls, power and speaker are contained as one surface mount assembly inside the casing. All assembly is hermetically sealed in epoxy for shock resistance and water proofing.

 Shelf life typically is ten years with lithium-ion batteries.

 Winged vain at end of Alpha round is deployed when exiting the barrel and the wadding is ejected assisting in stabilization of the Alpha round for accuracy and porpoising avoidance.

 Two electrodes at front tip of Alpha round are barbed to assure penetration and short term attachment. Guaranteeing the Alpha round it will not unlatch to assure proper electrical connection to achieve full effect, but yet will drop off within a few days

 Marking dye such as bright yellow will dispense between electrodes to identify the tagged animal for future reference. The dye pack upon dispensing also acts as a shock absorber to reduces the kinetic energy effect on the electronics, battery and speaker for assured operation without damage if a hard surface is hit like a shoulder of a large bear or their head. When impact has occurred the encapsulated electronics pushes forward like a piston forcing the dye in the well/reservoir to push the dye through the front nozzle between the electrodes.

 The Alpha round is seated in a 3 inch modified shotgun shell with standard primer for discharge when firing pin strikes. A half clamshell nylon plastic wadding is around Alpha round for centering and seating till fired. A small amount of wadding is between the gun power and the Alpha round for burn protection and to avoid damage to the speaker located at the end of the Alpha round.

 Open-end of shell after insertion during assembly of Alpha round is sealed with a light rubber coating to hold contents in place and act as weather proofing. The color of the seal is orange.

 Once Alpha round is complete. Near field induction programing allows all Alpha rounds to be preprogramed to customers specifications during or after purchasing.

 A default program is always installed just in case the customers forgets to program or error in programing occurs.

ALPHA Less Lethal (ECHD)


Deployment method

Deployment of Alpha Less Lethal: Main concept is to be fired by a standard smooth bore 12 gage shotgun such as a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 700 pump or auto. Barrel length 18 to 28 inches typical.

Shell/ammo type for Alpha deployment: Standard 12 gage 3 inch slug shell modified.

Estimated speed/velocity of Alpha round: 180 feet per-second maximum.

Kinetic energy: Less than 50 LB. @ 100 feet.

Alpha weight less shell: 16.5 grams.

Typical operating distance of deployment: 50 to 100 feet.

Distance before Alpha round drops: 100 feet typical.

Electrical disbursed between electrodes: 500 volts pulsed typical.

Audio sound @ one meter: 90 decibels typical.

Time duration of electrical shock and audio sound: 30 to 90 seconds typical - time is pre-programmable.

Propellant: Black smokeless slow burning gun power. 1.5 to 2.0 grains typical. (Winchester AA Lite.)

Alpha round length: Not to exceed 2.250 inches.

Alpha round diameter: Not to exceed .665 inches - To avoid barrel jams because of possible chokes on barrel.

Note 1: All Alpha rounds are programmable for time duration, electrical shock amount and audio content. Prerecorded human voice of any language or audio tone signals such as emergency sirens can be programmed at any time.

Note 2: Programs can be erased or modified even after purchase or resold to other agencies.

Note 3: Deployment is not limited to firearms such as shotguns. Any method that can accurately deploy and repeatedly hit the target at a safe range can be used.

ALPHA Less Lethal (ECHD)


Effect on target animal

Hazing by electrical and audio means is the function of the Alpha Less Lethal

Target sighted: Safe distances can never be over stressed. However, what is considered a safe distance if an animal is able to reach speeds only seen by quarter horses in 100 year run. Again, the training and expertise of the master instructors can help you determine this factor. When deploying the device whether from shotgun or cross bow. Remember the Alpha round can only be affective if placed properly on the target.

Target reached: Execution of electrical operation does not commence until impact on hazed animal. Once full impact has been made the micro switch engages fully ON and energizes the electronic circuit timer, audio generator and high voltage amplifier. Circuit will continue till life of battery expires or pre-time duration has been met. A range from zero to 500 volts will alter in magnitude during operation that correlates with the audio in memory being broadcast.

Alpha round is designed only to switch ON after impact on target animal. Once electrical connection has been made per the electrodes that now have penetrated the hid of the animal and attached because of being barbed.

1. The animal or in this demonstration a “bear” is now under duress because of the intense electrical shock occurring between the electrodes only 3/8th of inch apart.

2. Alpha round contact can be anywhere on the bear from the neck down along the back to the back legs.

3. As the electrical pulses are shocking the bear the charge is only to cause short term electrical pain that is in conjunction with the audio being broadcast. No muscular disruption is expected also known as neuromuscular incapacitation. However, serious reaction to the electrical stimulation is expected and to be ready for any and all actions of the bear that is now physically and emotionally ready to run in any direction.

4. Confusion is expected since the bear has no concept of what is happening to him. Only that it must have something to do with the human interaction that has just taken place.

5. This human interaction that is being giving a negative interpretation is what the Alpha Less Lethal is all about.

6. After the time duration has been met the bear should be completely out of sight if the encounter took place in a wooded area. Or in some cases still seen running away from humans.

7. After a day or two the Alpha should drop off the bear and a yellow mark will indicated they have been hazed.

8. Case studies should be logged and monitored for Alpha Less lethal effectiveness in your area.

9. Again, the Alpha Less Lethal should only be operated by qualified personnel with association with proper animal management authorization.

10. Any field tech, biologist or game warden should always be ready with full lethal firearms when using the Alpha Less Lethal as a hazing devoice.

     Remember: More than one round can be deployed if necessary at single encounter. More than one round over several days can be deployed on a single subject. The yellow dye should be present even if full electrical contact was not made and the full effect was not achieved. As long as the Alpha made contact the yellow dye should be present.

There is nothing else like it out there today. This Patented device is going to change the way things are done in the field and set a new standard of HAZING methods used in wildlife behavioral modification!

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